How Soon You Forget​.​.​.

by Eighty-Sixed Records

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released January 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Eighty-Sixed Records Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Scapegoat
You cried wolf too many times
Tearing down another with your ignorance and lies
Searching for a scapegoat, pick the weakest one in sight
How does it feel?
Burning every bridge overnight

They're all trained to believe what they hear
But now they know to sniff out your bullshit every time that you're near
We've had enough
Track Name: (Still) Proud
You tried so hard to bring us down
We don't give a fuck!
We don't need you around!
Think we're not cool for still holding on?
You sold out, move the fuck along!
Final breath on my last day, I'll still be proud to be straight!
Track Name: Not Welcome
I don't think I've made myself clear
The shit you preach I don't wanna hear
Talk and talk about the hardcore scene
and what you think it should fucking be
Spread your hateful words, then hide them under the guise of a joke
Take a step into my world and I'll show you pure fucking hate
Your time is running out!
Track Name: How Soon You Forget...
People always say that I'm too uptight and I need to let things slide
But how soon you forget the way drugs ruined your life
I wonder how you even look your children in the eyes, when you can't see the difference between what's wrong and right
Ruined your life
I'll never look at you the fucking same
You betrayed your family, intoxication was your choice
Too weak for sobriety you'll always be
Track Name: Time's Up
Running your mouth
I've had enough
I don't want to hear it
Your time is fucking up!
Track Name: PIA
Taught to waste away our lives
I hope next time you will think twice
You spend your days getting drunk and high
The time is now, put it aside!
Track Name: Stronger With Time
It's hard to believe that we are here today
The years have passed but we're still the same
The promise that we made so long ago..
A common vision, an unbreakable bond
It's more than words, it's more than songs

It's something that still burning deep inside!
And it's still growing stronger with time!

Different faces, the scene has changed
Years have passed but we're still the same
Building on the friendships we've made
A promise that will never fucking break